Because of his vast past experience with both successful and unsuccessful Mediators and Neutral Arbitrators, Mr. Egerer is committed to providing a completely different experience to the Parties and their Counsel when they choose him as their Mediator or Neutral Arbitrator. These differences include:

Rate Charged: $225.00 per hour
Hearing Date Scheduling: Generally within 30 days of appointment (or less if necessary)
Method of Hearing Date Scheduling: Immediate contact with Counsel by phone or email
Location of Hearing: Counsels’ or Parties’ choice (their offices or Mr. Egerer’s office)
Starting Time of Hearing: Counsel’s office
Hearing Length: Generally one-half day or less
Adjournment or Cancellation fees: None
Payment for Services: After conclusion of hearing (no pre-payment required)
Contact With Court: Mr. Egerer will initiate any necessary contact with your Trial Judge to obtain adjournments of previously scheduled hearings or cut-off dates to accommodate your Mediation hearing date without you having to file any Motions to Adjourn